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If you did read our article about penis pills, you probably already know that there are many scams around, many men are paying large sums for pretty much worthless herbs and even worse, the scammers will bill your credit card on a monthly basis. One site that went an extra mile to get dozens of pills analyzed by independent labs is Sex Pill Insider aka, the guy behind the site is the famous pornographic actor Ron Jeremy. You can view their detailed analysis report here, real scanned documents, you could even call the labs to verify everything is legit.

While many pills turned out to be total scam or at least don't live up to their promises, the winner was Vaso Ultra from RCA, a pill that is  available via Amazon, various marketplace offers. The bottle looks like this:


Be careful, other manufacturers already use a similar name because this pills was recommended by the most trusted penis pills site on the web. For example, there is Vasorect from Real Health. Even some fake review websites use "Vaso Ultra" in the domain name without selling the actual product, but trying to make you buy a different pills.  Be aware that the real Vaso Ultra always has the RAS (Research and Applied Sciences) logo above the product name.

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How to fight hair loss

Full hair is traditionally a symbol of strength, health and sexual stamina. Studies clearly show that the vast majority of women prefer men with full and strong hair, basically because it is a synonym for fertility. Hair loss is triggered by a variety of causes, genetic factors, hormonal factors, medical conditions as well as certain medications. In a first step, seeing a doctor is always recommended since serious medical conditions like thyroid gland problems, skin disorders or infections as well as a disease called Alopecia areata could be the reason.


Far more common are hormonal and genetic reasons, often hair thinning already starts in puberty or at relatively early age. The most effective, but painful and expensive treatment is surgical hair transplantation. Another option is a variety of anti hair loss productssold over the counter, including foams, pill supplements, shampoos and other special scalp treatment products. They all contain different ingredients that stimulate the blood flow in the scalp as well as the remaining hair follicles. While the effect it limited, many men report positive results from using Rogaine, Hairomega, Minoxidil or similar.

It is a relatively cheap, safe and still effective alternative the surgery, you should not expect miracles, but often a slight improvement results in a big boost of self-confidence. Worth a try, since the cost is really low compared to the reward you can expect.

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5 penis myths busted

Many so-called facts about the penis are just myths, time to bust 5 really popular ones:

1. Men with large palms, a large nose or large feed have a big penis

While tall men have a bigger penis than short men on average, statistics are just grand numbers with loads of exceptions. There are very short men with a really huge penis as well are very tall men with an extremely shirt penis. While penis size is mostly defined by the genes, it doesn't follow any predictable patterns and certainly can't be judged by the size of palms, nose, feet or any other part of the human body.

2. The penis is a muscle or bone

Having a bone in the penis would certainly be a very painful experience and although many men would love to be able to train their penis like muscles, it isn't a muscle. It primarily consists of a sponge like tissue, arteries and veins. An erection is purely based on the blood flow into the penis, zero muscles or bones involved.

3. The number of ejaculations in life is limited

Fortunately, it isn't, there isn't a sperm depot that's empty and doesn't get refilled after X ejaculations. The testicles constantly produce new sperms. While sperm quality and fertility slowly decreases the older an individual becomes, this doesn't influence the ability to ejaculate and has no relation to the number of overall ejaculations.

4. You last longer with a circumcised penis

Common believe, but there are no studies or scientific facts that would back up this claim. The average duration of intercourse isn't lower or higher in europe for example, where the majority of men is not circumcised. The nerve damage done by circumcision is quickly repaired by the body, the only exception is circumcision at adult age, but with refined surgical methods today, it is minimal anyway.

5. Women don't care for penis size

All about technique, size doesn't matter? This may be true for an average sized penis, but most women in anonymous surveys claim to have less fun with a penis that is significantly small than average (5-6 inches). This matches with the fact that the female orgasm can be achieved by clitoral stimulation only but is more intense and often longer with additional vaginal stimulation.

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Meds and Erectile Dysfunction

Some interesting facts concerning medication and ED, according to a study by the reputable British Journal of Urology International, the is a clear correlation between the amount of meds men have to take daily and the occurrence of moderate or temporary forms of erectile dysfunction. Men's Health summed this up in a nice infographics we'd like to share here, too:

Really shocking, especially high-blood pressure and anti-depression drugs often have negative side effects on the ability to get hard and lasting erections. So, before trying Viagra, Cialis or similar, visiting your doctor and having a close look at what medications you are taking and what alternatives exist may be a really smart decision.

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The best Male Enhancement products

Are there really any products than can be described as the best on the market, 100% effective and without any side effects? No other industry offers so many different products, everybody has some doctor on the website claiming it's approved and safe, impressive before and after pictures as well as raving customer reviews. What's true? What really helps? The products offered can be split up into 3 categories: herbal/chemical, manual,  psychological and last but not least surgery.

In this category you'll find all kinds of pills and sprays that will not make you penis larger, but can enhance the blood flow and cause harder and longer erections. Most pills contain a mixture of herbal ingredients, more information about them in the article about penis pills on our blog. They can be an option if you suffer from some sort of erectile problems, like weak erections or problems maintaining an erection during intercourse. Always make sure to check the ingredients carefully, since herbal doesn't mean these pills can't cause any allergic reactions or have side effects. Some of the strongest poisons are natural ones! Some users report great results with these pills and there is certainly a psychological component as well. Overall, not a bad solution, but not suitable for me who want to increase their penis size.

This category contains all products that manually try to enlarge the penis: Weights, pumps, extenders, jelquing, exercises.  First of all, the ability of the penis to really grow stops once the puberty if over, which means these enlargement methods mean you are stretching the tissue of your penis. We highly recommend not to use any external devices for stretching, the force applied can be hardly controlled and you could do some mayor damage to your penis. Worst case: permanent ED (Erectile dysfunction)! The only manual method that works, gives good results and is safe for your health is exercises and exercise programs. They boost your self-confidence, again a psychological effect and show you a way to make the best out of your penis. The most reputable program available online is Penis Advantage, around for many years with thousands of happy customers who successfully used their techniques.

Especially men suffering from erectile problems should see a doctor first. Diabetes for example can be a reason for the inability to get a real erection. The good news: Most of the time it's simply your head. Long and stressful days at work, sitting all day, no sports, not enough sleep, a multitude of possible reasons. The pressure you are feeling to "perform" as expected, to "work properly" like a pornstar, adds additional stress. Here penis training and exercises can help as well, they allow you to discretely train your penis and once you see the first results, these "I am a loser, I can't satisfy my woman" thoughts will go away quickly. If this training doesn't help, you can still see an expert.

Surgery is the last resort and anesthesia for example always comes with some dangers and possible complications. The price starts at about $5000 and can be as high as $20000. While this is an effective way to add a few inches, the results are unpredictable. Many men have their erections point down afterwards, have a hairy penis base or the penis looks deformed if dermal transplants are used.  Overall, the result rarely justifies the risks of a surgery and the extremely high costs. Be careful with before and after photos, they often show the state of the penis before surgery in flaccid state and after in a semi-erect state to make you believe surgery delivers exceptional results.

Live healthy, eat healthy, do some sports, even if it's just half an hour per day. See a doctor if you think you have permanent erection problems. If it's about length, girth and overall performance, use natural training, even the best program will cost you less than any pump, extender or dangerous device. You can also test some pills, but make sure to buy them via a third-party website that offers real customer reviews and unsolicited testimonials. Stay away from pulling devices and surgery due to the major risks to your health.

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Do Penis Extenders work or are they a Scam?

Penis extenders look a little like some torture instruments from a few hundred years ago, because they enlarge the penis by stretching it. It must be worn over a longer period of time and this way cells are stimulated and grow. Really?

The hard truth is: Penis extenders stretch this penis, but the only thing that actually gets longer is the skin and conjunctive tissue, so the penis looks a little bigger in flaccid state. It's pretty much the same effect you see, in reverse order, when losing weight quickly. The stretched skin and conjunctive tissue doesn't contract properly any more.

The cavernous body itself is also stretched, but it's not as stretchable as skin. The results are often micro fissures that will heal again, but with the only slightly increased size in erect state, severe problems can arise: Weaker erections, pain, erectile problems and in worst case even erectile dysfunction. Don't get us wrong, using a penis extender does not automatically mean you'll suffer from erectile problems, but do you want to take this risk?

Your extender is doctor approved? There are also a few doctors claiming smoking can't cause cancer or harm your health. It's basically a risk versus reward calculation. The reward may be a slightly enlarged penis, primarily in flaccid state. The risk is sexual problems that are not reversible in worst case.

Decide yourself, we discussed this topic on several forums and the extender industry certainly has smart people, stylish websites and their pseudo scientific studies, but when using common sense the conclusion should be: Stay away! Scam is a strong word, but a bigger penis that doesn't get as hard as before is not what we would call a good result.

Go the natural way and use a reputable and proven penis training program like Penis Advantage to enhance and enlarge your manhood in a safe way.

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Premature Ejaculation Help

First of all, your are not alone! Many men have a problem controlling their ejaculations, especially younger or unexperienced men suffer from relatively fast ejaculations. It isn't really a sexual disorder, but can be quite distressing and annoying for both partners.

But how long is ok and normal? The average man lasts 3-10 minutes, experienced men easily 10 minutes and longer, the time periods refer to the actual sexual intercourse. We talk about real premature ejaculation if you last less than these 3 minutes.  If your woman is unable to get an orgasm before you ejaculate, it does not automatically mean you suffer from premature ejaculation like some websites may claim, but it's still a problem for any relationship.

The good news: There is help and it's highly effective. In contrast to the rather complicated penis enlargement, early ejaculations can be cured very well, so put aside the shame and act!


1. Desensitizing Spray


Basically the same stuff used in tattoo studios as well, just with a little different and milder formula. All these sprays contain lidocaine, which has a numbing/desensitizing effect. It may feel a little strange first, you are feeling less but this also means you can last longer. It's a short-term solution that works great for some men and not so great for others, but considering the fact that it's relatively cheap it's definitely worth a try. A good product would be the Gibraltar Erectile Sustainer for example.


2. Training


Since premature ejaculation is rather complex and has physical and mental elements, the only real long-term cure if the proper training to get rid of the embarrassing and humiliating experience. You can actually learn to control your ejaculations and you'll see the first success pretty fast, maybe even tonight.

There are many training guides and programs promising premature ejaculation help, if you look at the customer feedback, their reputation and the time they are around, Ejaculation Trainer certainly sticks out of the crowd. The program delivered permanent success and fast results for most users and is by far the best in our opinion. Solid advice without empty promises.

It was created by sex educator and researcher Matt Gorden, he has many years of experience in this field and exactly knows the real triggers and causes of the problem as well as how to get rid of premature ejaculation. His techniques are simple, proven and highly effective.


3. See a doctor

If you never before suffered from premature ejaculation and it suddenly occurs, maybe even combined with pain in your penis or prostate, it is advisable to see a doctor. In some cases inflammation of the prostate, certain sexually transmitted diseases or a nervous system disorder can also be the causes for premature ejaculation. This isn't certainly not the common reason or cause, but if in doubt asking your urologist is a good idea.

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Penis Pills Scam or Highly Effective?

Penis pills, often also referred to as penis enlargement pills are made from special herbs that increase the blood flow inside your penis. These pills are suited for men who have minor erectile problems and help them getting harder and longer erections.

The enlargement effect is a result of more blood in the penis, but this effect is only temporary and reversible, it will go away once you don't regularly take these pills any more. Penis pills do not offer any kind of permanent growth, which isn't necessarily bad or a sign of scam, but it's a fact you should know.

They are helpful for many men, although you should have a close look at the ingredients, some may cause allergic reactions for sensible persons. The most commonly used ingredients are Ginkgo Biloba, Yohimbe, Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Puama, Ginseng and Panax Ginseng, Cayenne Pepper, Saw Palmetto and a few others.

The penis pills can be a good and easy solution if you are suffering from relatively weak erections that don't last long, but do not expect miracles and always pay attention to possible side effects. They are not a replacement for Viagra, Cialis or similar prescription drugs that are used to fight erectile dysfunction. Make sure the pills are manufactured inside the USA, preferably in FDA approved laboratories, since the quality of the ingredients is important and inferior chinese products sold on sometimes really good-looking websites are notorious for contamination with heavy metal or other dangerous substances.

Do not order pills from stores or websites offering free samples or recurring billing, since long-term contracts with a manufacturer mean you have to buy a product and pay for it even if you are not happy with it. Recurring billing from some shady websites is hard to cancel.

All reputable pill companies offer smaller packages for one or three months, too and sell them via trustworthy websites like Amazon.

Bottom line: Penis pills can work, some offer good results and have real customer reviews at independent merchant websites to back up the marketing claims. Just avoid products only sold via recurring billing, sometimes disguised as free samples that only require you to enter your credit card details. A company that stays behind their products doesn't need these sales tactics, because they know happy customers order again.

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