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5 penis myths busted

Many so-called facts about the penis are just myths, time to bust 5 really popular ones:

1. Men with large palms, a large nose or large feed have a big penis

While tall men have a bigger penis than short men on average, statistics are just grand numbers with loads of exceptions. There are very short men with a really huge penis as well are very tall men with an extremely shirt penis. While penis size is mostly defined by the genes, it doesn't follow any predictable patterns and certainly can't be judged by the size of palms, nose, feet or any other part of the human body.

2. The penis is a muscle or bone

Having a bone in the penis would certainly be a very painful experience and although many men would love to be able to train their penis like muscles, it isn't a muscle. It primarily consists of a sponge like tissue, arteries and veins. An erection is purely based on the blood flow into the penis, zero muscles or bones involved.

3. The number of ejaculations in life is limited

Fortunately, it isn't, there isn't a sperm depot that's empty and doesn't get refilled after X ejaculations. The testicles constantly produce new sperms. While sperm quality and fertility slowly decreases the older an individual becomes, this doesn't influence the ability to ejaculate and has no relation to the number of overall ejaculations.

4. You last longer with a circumcised penis

Common believe, but there are no studies or scientific facts that would back up this claim. The average duration of intercourse isn't lower or higher in europe for example, where the majority of men is not circumcised. The nerve damage done by circumcision is quickly repaired by the body, the only exception is circumcision at adult age, but with refined surgical methods today, it is minimal anyway.

5. Women don't care for penis size

All about technique, size doesn't matter? This may be true for an average sized penis, but most women in anonymous surveys claim to have less fun with a penis that is significantly small than average (5-6 inches). This matches with the fact that the female orgasm can be achieved by clitoral stimulation only but is more intense and often longer with additional vaginal stimulation.

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