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Do Penis Extenders work or are they a Scam?

Penis extenders look a little like some torture instruments from a few hundred years ago, because they enlarge the penis by stretching it. It must be worn over a longer period of time and this way cells are stimulated and grow. Really?

The hard truth is: Penis extenders stretch this penis, but the only thing that actually gets longer is the skin and conjunctive tissue, so the penis looks a little bigger in flaccid state. It's pretty much the same effect you see, in reverse order, when losing weight quickly. The stretched skin and conjunctive tissue doesn't contract properly any more.

The cavernous body itself is also stretched, but it's not as stretchable as skin. The results are often micro fissures that will heal again, but with the only slightly increased size in erect state, severe problems can arise: Weaker erections, pain, erectile problems and in worst case even erectile dysfunction. Don't get us wrong, using a penis extender does not automatically mean you'll suffer from erectile problems, but do you want to take this risk?

Your extender is doctor approved? There are also a few doctors claiming smoking can't cause cancer or harm your health. It's basically a risk versus reward calculation. The reward may be a slightly enlarged penis, primarily in flaccid state. The risk is sexual problems that are not reversible in worst case.

Decide yourself, we discussed this topic on several forums and the extender industry certainly has smart people, stylish websites and their pseudo scientific studies, but when using common sense the conclusion should be: Stay away! Scam is a strong word, but a bigger penis that doesn't get as hard as before is not what we would call a good result.

Go the natural way and use a reputable and proven penis training program like Penis Advantage to enhance and enlarge your manhood in a safe way.

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