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How to fight hair loss

Full hair is traditionally a symbol of strength, health and sexual stamina. Studies clearly show that the vast majority of women prefer men with full and strong hair, basically because it is a synonym for fertility. Hair loss is triggered by a variety of causes, genetic factors, hormonal factors, medical conditions as well as certain medications. In a first step, seeing a doctor is always recommended since serious medical conditions like thyroid gland problems, skin disorders or infections as well as a disease called Alopecia areata could be the reason.


Far more common are hormonal and genetic reasons, often hair thinning already starts in puberty or at relatively early age. The most effective, but painful and expensive treatment is surgical hair transplantation. Another option is a variety of anti hair loss productssold over the counter, including foams, pill supplements, shampoos and other special scalp treatment products. They all contain different ingredients that stimulate the blood flow in the scalp as well as the remaining hair follicles. While the effect it limited, many men report positive results from using Rogaine, Hairomega, Minoxidil or similar.

It is a relatively cheap, safe and still effective alternative the surgery, you should not expect miracles, but often a slight improvement results in a big boost of self-confidence. Worth a try, since the cost is really low compared to the reward you can expect.

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