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Premature Ejaculation Help

First of all, your are not alone! Many men have a problem controlling their ejaculations, especially younger or unexperienced men suffer from relatively fast ejaculations. It isn't really a sexual disorder, but can be quite distressing and annoying for both partners.

But how long is ok and normal? The average man lasts 3-10 minutes, experienced men easily 10 minutes and longer, the time periods refer to the actual sexual intercourse. We talk about real premature ejaculation if you last less than these 3 minutes.  If your woman is unable to get an orgasm before you ejaculate, it does not automatically mean you suffer from premature ejaculation like some websites may claim, but it's still a problem for any relationship.

The good news: There is help and it's highly effective. In contrast to the rather complicated penis enlargement, early ejaculations can be cured very well, so put aside the shame and act!


1. Desensitizing Spray


Basically the same stuff used in tattoo studios as well, just with a little different and milder formula. All these sprays contain lidocaine, which has a numbing/desensitizing effect. It may feel a little strange first, you are feeling less but this also means you can last longer. It's a short-term solution that works great for some men and not so great for others, but considering the fact that it's relatively cheap it's definitely worth a try. A good product would be the Gibraltar Erectile Sustainer for example.


2. Training


Since premature ejaculation is rather complex and has physical and mental elements, the only real long-term cure if the proper training to get rid of the embarrassing and humiliating experience. You can actually learn to control your ejaculations and you'll see the first success pretty fast, maybe even tonight.

There are many training guides and programs promising premature ejaculation help, if you look at the customer feedback, their reputation and the time they are around, Ejaculation Trainer certainly sticks out of the crowd. The program delivered permanent success and fast results for most users and is by far the best in our opinion. Solid advice without empty promises.

It was created by sex educator and researcher Matt Gorden, he has many years of experience in this field and exactly knows the real triggers and causes of the problem as well as how to get rid of premature ejaculation. His techniques are simple, proven and highly effective.


3. See a doctor

If you never before suffered from premature ejaculation and it suddenly occurs, maybe even combined with pain in your penis or prostate, it is advisable to see a doctor. In some cases inflammation of the prostate, certain sexually transmitted diseases or a nervous system disorder can also be the causes for premature ejaculation. This isn't certainly not the common reason or cause, but if in doubt asking your urologist is a good idea.

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