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Are there really any products than can be described as the best on the market, 100% effective and without any side effects? No other industry offers so many different products, everybody has some doctor on the website claiming it's approved and safe, impressive before and after pictures as well as raving customer reviews. What's true? What really helps? The products offered can be split up into 3 categories: herbal/chemical, manual,  psychological and last but not least surgery.

In this category you'll find all kinds of pills and sprays that will not make you penis larger, but can enhance the blood flow and cause harder and longer erections. Most pills contain a mixture of herbal ingredients, more information about them in the article about penis pills on our blog. They can be an option if you suffer from some sort of erectile problems, like weak erections or problems maintaining an erection during intercourse. Always make sure to check the ingredients carefully, since herbal doesn't mean these pills can't cause any allergic reactions or have side effects. Some of the strongest poisons are natural ones! Some users report great results with these pills and there is certainly a psychological component as well. Overall, not a bad solution, but not suitable for me who want to increase their penis size.

This category contains all products that manually try to enlarge the penis: Weights, pumps, extenders, jelquing, exercises.  First of all, the ability of the penis to really grow stops once the puberty if over, which means these enlargement methods mean you are stretching the tissue of your penis. We highly recommend not to use any external devices for stretching, the force applied can be hardly controlled and you could do some mayor damage to your penis. Worst case: permanent ED (Erectile dysfunction)! The only manual method that works, gives good results and is safe for your health is exercises and exercise programs. They boost your self-confidence, again a psychological effect and show you a way to make the best out of your penis. The most reputable program available online is Penis Advantage, around for many years with thousands of happy customers who successfully used their techniques.

Especially men suffering from erectile problems should see a doctor first. Diabetes for example can be a reason for the inability to get a real erection. The good news: Most of the time it's simply your head. Long and stressful days at work, sitting all day, no sports, not enough sleep, a multitude of possible reasons. The pressure you are feeling to "perform" as expected, to "work properly" like a pornstar, adds additional stress. Here penis training and exercises can help as well, they allow you to discretely train your penis and once you see the first results, these "I am a loser, I can't satisfy my woman" thoughts will go away quickly. If this training doesn't help, you can still see an expert.

Surgery is the last resort and anesthesia for example always comes with some dangers and possible complications. The price starts at about $5000 and can be as high as $20000. While this is an effective way to add a few inches, the results are unpredictable. Many men have their erections point down afterwards, have a hairy penis base or the penis looks deformed if dermal transplants are used.  Overall, the result rarely justifies the risks of a surgery and the extremely high costs. Be careful with before and after photos, they often show the state of the penis before surgery in flaccid state and after in a semi-erect state to make you believe surgery delivers exceptional results.

Live healthy, eat healthy, do some sports, even if it's just half an hour per day. See a doctor if you think you have permanent erection problems. If it's about length, girth and overall performance, use natural training, even the best program will cost you less than any pump, extender or dangerous device. You can also test some pills, but make sure to buy them via a third-party website that offers real customer reviews and unsolicited testimonials. Stay away from pulling devices and surgery due to the major risks to your health.

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