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Vaso Ultra rated as best penis pill by

If you did read our article about penis pills, you probably already know that there are many scams around, many men are paying large sums for pretty much worthless herbs and even worse, the scammers will bill your credit card on a monthly basis. One site that went an extra mile to get dozens of pills analyzed by independent labs is Sex Pill Insider aka, the guy behind the site is the famous pornographic actor Ron Jeremy. You can view their detailed analysis report here, real scanned documents, you could even call the labs to verify everything is legit.

While many pills turned out to be total scam or at least don't live up to their promises, the winner was Vaso Ultra from RCA, a pill that is  available via Amazon, various marketplace offers. The bottle looks like this:


Be careful, other manufacturers already use a similar name because this pills was recommended by the most trusted penis pills site on the web. For example, there is Vasorect from Real Health. Even some fake review websites use "Vaso Ultra" in the domain name without selling the actual product, but trying to make you buy a different pills.  Be aware that the real Vaso Ultra always has the RAS (Research and Applied Sciences) logo above the product name.

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